California Democrat Challenging Republican Drops Out

A Democrat House candidate running for a Republican-held seat in California announced Thursday he would suspend his campaign.

Aditya Pai, who was challenging Representative Michelle Steel, said he was calling it quits on his campaign because he did not enjoy the process.

“I’m writing to announce the suspension of my congressional campaign, Pai for Congress. The reason is simple: a lack of joy,” Pai wrote in a statement, adding “Life is short. I believe one should enjoy their work. For the past four months, I have not enjoyed mine.”

Pai said that despite his campaign going well, his heart and head were not in the race.

“I love the subject matter dearly: politics, law, policy, government. I love helping people,” he said. “But at least at this moment, I don’t enjoy the life of a politician.”

“And were I fortunate enough to be elected, I am now certain, I would be unhappy in Congress,” Pai continued. “I didn’t know that four months ago. I know that now.”

He said he is not willing to sacrifice his happiness to become a politician in Congress.

“My pursuit of office ends today,” he said. “And I am now actively looking for new ways to contribute that are more aligned with who I am. I still cherish what Justice Brandeis called the highest office. I achieved it 10 years ago: United States citizen.”

“Thank you again for all your encouragement and support,” Pai concluded. “It means more than you know.”

He had announced his run for Steel’s seat back in April.

Steel, the Republican incumbent, was elected during the 2022 midterm elections.

She is a two-term representative who recently introduced legislation to combat the Chinese Communist Party’s ongoing efforts to spy on the United State’s military and supply chain.

“As the CCP continues to grow in hostility towards democracy around the world, the United States must strategically combat their bid to suppress freedom and human rights,” said Steel of her legislation.

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