Leading Black Conservative Group Condemns DeSantis

Diante Johnson and President Donald Trump
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One of the nation’s most prominent black conservative organizations harshly condemned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s new education policies.

One of the provisions in Florida’s new education policies regarding racial history appears to suggest students should be taught that enslaved people gained skills that benefitted them through slavery.

It has garnered major outrage from both conservatives and Democrat figures.

The latest group to speak out is the Black Conservative Federation, which bills itself as “the premier hub for black conservatives throughout the country”.

“This stance undermines the historical reality of slavery and the unimaginable hardships endured by millions of enslaved individuals,” the Black Conservative Federation said in a statement.

“In reality, slaves were oppressed and denied access to education, equal opportunities, and social mobility,” the statement added.

“They were forced to adapt and survive under extraordinary circumstances, showcasing remarkable resilience and resourcefulness. However, attributing their acquired skills as a benefit is an oversimplification and can obscure the true nature of their experiences. Slaves did not have ‘agency!’ They were forced to do jobs without pay. This is not a benefit by any stretch of the imagination.”

The group also warned that DeSantis’s education policy could reflect poorly on GOP candidates across the country.

“Positions and implementation of curriculum like this dismiss and misrepresent the experiences of marginalized communities, hinder progress, and will alienate potential supporters,” the group said. “In order to grow the party, the GOP must demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity, empathy, and an accurate understanding of our shared history.”

The Black Conservative Federation isn’t the only organization taking action.

The black men’s Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity announced it was pulling out of its 2025 general convention which was set to take place in Orlando.

Organization Leader Endorsed Trump

Diante Johnson, the President of the Black Conservative Federation, endorsed former President Donald Trump for the 2024 election.

“After speaking with President Donald J. Trump last night, I am officially endorsing him for PRESIDENT of the United States of America!” he tweeted in late June.

“After discussing the progress made for Black America throughout his administration, how Joe Biden and the radical left hijacked the very soul of our nation, gas prices, inflation, energy independence, the innocence of our children, and our nation’s educational system, I know he is the only candidate that can restore our nation. Please join me and give our 45th and 47th President your support!”

Despite being virtually tied among white voters, polls show that black and minority Republicans and independents who tend to vote for Republicans strongly favor Trump over DeSantis.


  1. Have any of you actually read the thing, or are you just jumping to conclusions based on the Dimm politicians and corrupt lame stream media portrayal of what they want you to think it says?

  2. I am not a De Santis fan; however, please read my comment:

    I have written about the subject many times, in my books, several commentaries on FaceBook, and other chats. AOL banned me until the present, and continually being criticized by the Left.
    Now, Dr. William Allen, a Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Co-author of Florida Curriculum is re-affirming the opinion that I always held and hold at present times. The African Slaves benefited greatly from their enslaved conditions in the USA by learning various skills, professions, trades, and even obtaining university titles or women marrying and forming families with White or Black men or other races.
    Leftists and Democrats criticize me when I say I don’t see colors when I look at people.
    I re-affirm the thought. I only see Spirit Souls, just like my Spiritual Master, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, taught me.
    I always wondered if those coming in the ships as enslaved people or even as voluntary stowaway free men had stayed in their original countries, docked the tribal chiefs trying to capture them to sell them to the Slave merchants in the Barbary States, or under terrifying local political and social conditions, they would continue to be uneducated, brutalized, worshiping pieces of wood or sacrificing their brothers and sisters, trying to please the pagan Gods forced onto them.
    Instead, the Black brothers and sisters with their families are nowadays a pillar of the US Society and even some, voted by white citizens to be President of the United States of America. Quite a jump for their ancestors’ sacrifice! An outstanding achievement now being denied by Leftists for their political advancement.
    Unfortunately, illegal drugs have caught some, either by buying or selling them, ruining a sizable part of the community.
    God bless the United States of America, a great place to live, learn, form a family, and enjoy freedom of speech and liberty.

    J. Pelegrin –

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