Trump Gets Brutally Honest on Abortion

Former President Trump attacked the GOP’s messaging on abortion, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign responded.

Sitting down with NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Trump was pressed about whether or not he would sign a 15-week abortion ban.

“No, no. Let me just tell you what I’d do,” he said, interrupting the question being asked. “I’m going to come together with all groups, and we’re going to have something that’s acceptable.”

“I would sit down with both sides and I’d negotiate something, and we’ll end up with peace on that issue for the first time in 52 years. I’m not going to say I would or I wouldn’t,” he added.

While he called Democrats “radicals” on abortion, pointing out that some Democrat-led states like New York will intentionally neglect to give care to babies that survive birth (which has come to be known as a “post-birth abortion”), he also swung at DeSantis for passing a 6-week ban.

“I think what he did is a terrible thing and a terrible mistake,” Trump said of DeSantis. “But we’ll come up with a number, but at the same time, Democrats won’t be able to go out at six months, seven months, eight months and allow an abortion.”

“both sides, and this is a big statement, both sides will come together,” he finished.

DeSantis Calls Trump a ‘Sell Out’

DeSantis’ campaign responded to Trump’s comments on X, framing his comments as “selling out conservatives”.

“Trump says he will compromise with Democrats on abortion so that they’re nice to him: ‘Both sides are going to like me. Then he says it’s “a terrible thing” babies with heartbeats are protected in Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina. Ron DeSantis will never sell out conservatives to win praise from corporate media or the Left.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence also took issue with Trump’s framing of the issue.

“The former president actually suggested that we lost elections in the midterms because we overturned Roe v. Wade,” Pence said earlier this month. “I don’t believe that for a second.”

Polls continue to show Trump may have a point. Almost 50% of Republican voters believe abortion should be available for the first trimester, or 12 weeks, or pregnancy.

Support for abortion after the first trimester drops sharply across all Americans.


    • You aren’t a women so you truly cannot appreciate the ramifications of pregnancy issues. Some women are diagnosed with a pregnancy with a fetus that is incompatible with life. This involves many physical as well as psychological ramifications as this woman mourns her already deceased fetus. This is a very personal and heartbreaking decision. And then there are issues such as rape and incest which can involve many sociological issues. I have so much more to say about this issue. Some women are faced with a decision involving a decision between her life and the life of the fetus. NOT A DECISION THAT IS TAKEN LIGHTLY NOR EASY TO MAKE…

  1. I am against abortion but we are so supposed to be a country governed by the people so I believe this should be on the ballot for the vote of the people of this country and not left up to a court, congress or president.

  2. did you read something I missed? He never said he would agree with them on the issue of abortion. when he said he would set down with them, knowing Trump, he means or else!

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