Kemp Declines Run, but Implores Trump to Shape Up

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said he would not join the race for president, but he asserted that candidates can not win without his state.

Speaking to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on “The Source”, Kemp said, “In politics, there’s always doors opening and closing. I got a great job right now. I personally feel like having more people in the race does not help us win and beat Joe Biden.”

“So, you know, I’m certainly not running for president. But there’s always doors opening in politics depending on how things play out, and we’ll see what happens.”

Despite clashing with former President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the 2020 election, Kemp acknowledged Trump as the front-runner and implored him to “be forward-thinking” instead of focusing on his previous election claims.

“If he continues to do that, he’s going to lose Georgia in November,” Kemp said, later adding, “There is no path for us to win the White House if we can’t win Georgia.”

He also claimed to have no issues with the former president despite their feud.

“He was mad at me. I was not mad at him. I told him exactly what I could and couldn’t do when it came to the election and I followed the law and the Constitution. And as I’ve said before, that’s a lot bigger than Donald Trump. It’s a lot bigger than me. It’s a lot bigger than the Republican Party,” Kemp said.

“But despite all of those things, I believe anybody running for president right now as a Republican, that would be better than what we’re seeing with the Biden-Harris administration.”

Kemp also criticized the criminal investigation into Trump by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for taking so long.

“Why haven’t we had resolution?” he asked.

“So, I think, I think that just sows distrust in the system, which is unfortunate. That’s not what people should be feeling, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on. So, it is, you know, in my eyes, frustrating but we’ll see what she comes out with at the appropriate time.”


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