Biden Staff Defends His Verbal Abuse

President Joe Biden has a foul temper behind closed doors in a stark contrast to the folky, friendly personality he presents in public.

According to reports by Axios, which cites current and former aides to the president, Biden has a short fuse and is prone to fits of anger.

He reportedly screams at his staff with profanities such as, “God dammit, how the eff don’t you know this?!”, “Don’t effing bs me!”, and “Get the eff out of here!”

Aides who have both witnessed and been on the receiving end of his tirades verified the details to Axios.

Biden also reportedly interrogates his aides so fiercely that many of them try to avoid meeting with him alone, bringing coworkers to act as human shields to soften the verbal blow.

His aides call the angry questioning, which often continues until are left unable to give any sort of answer, “stump the chump” for its demeaning nature.

However, some of Biden’s staff chose to defend his actions to Axios.

Ted Kaufman, Biden’s close friend and longtime chief of staff, said “Most people who have worked for him like the fact that he challenges them and gets them to a better decision.”

Some aides have portrayed Biden’s yelling as an “initiation ceremony”, saying that if he doesn’t yell at you, he doesn’t respect you.

Other say the outbursts are actually a sign of Biden’s high expectations for his staff, while some say he should display his temper more publicly to prove his energy levels.

Former Candidates Criticized for Flareups

The response to, and reporting on, Biden’s verbally abusive conduct toward his staff is considerably different than seen toward (often female) candidates such as Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN).

Klobuchar’s treatment of her staff was covered extensively before the 2020 election, including regular incidents where she would verbally berate her staff.

Marianne Williamson was also the subject of allegations that she was “verbally and emotionally abusive” toward her staff.

Thus far, Biden’s verbal abuses are being portrayed in a much more positive light by the mainstream media.


  1. Another action completely showing the delusional derelict is unfit for office. But jeez, Kamala couldn’t even get the words out…

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