Biden Appointee Paid Hundreds of Thousands for Hunter’s ‘Art’

A Democrat donor who was appointed to a prestigious federal position by President Joe Biden also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars purchasing his son’s art.

An exclusive report from Business Insider reveals that at least one person who received favor from the Biden White House spent a large sum of money buying Hunter Biden’s artwork.

The buyer, Los Angeles real estate investor Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, is also a significant Democrat donor who hosted a 2022 fundraiser headlined by Vice President Kamala Harris.

While the exact timing of her purchase is unclear, it was eight months after Hunter’s first art exhibit opening that his father President Joe Biden announced Naftali’s appointment to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

“Hunter Biden is a private citizen who is entitled to have his own career as an artist,” said Ian Sams, a White House spokesperson. “We are not involved in his art sales, and any buyers of his art are not disclosed to the White House.”

An administration official claimed Naftali’s appointment came at the recommendation of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They denied any connection between the art purchases and Naftali’s position.

Multiple Buyers Raise Questions

Naftali’s purchase is not the only one that stands out.

Another “close friend” of Hunter, Los Angeles attorney Kevin Morris, also purchased paintings from the gallery. Morris has reportedly lent Hunter over $2 million dollars to help him pay off back taxes and avoid felony penalties.

Another unnamed buyer spent $875,000 on 11 artworks. That is the vast majority of the total revenue from the sales, which brought in about $1.3 million total.

The gallery will not expose the identity of that or other buyers.

“Names of buyers are strictly confidential,” wrote Georges Bergès, Hunter Biden’s gallerist, in an email. “Any attempt to get them is illegal and will be reported to the proper authorities.”


  1. What a clever way to get money to someone. Why didn’t I think of that first. Great way

    for the Biden Crime Family to get money to Hunter. I will have all my kids take up

    painting now. Almost as clever as the payments from Ukraine, Russia, China, etc.

    A day of reconning is coming shortly.

  2. Such a multi talented individual. Despite his addictions that got him booted from the military, he obtained senior mangement positions with Ukrainian and Chinese firms that “earned” him millions. And, despite no artistic training or history as an artist, his art work sells for hundres of thousans per piece.

    A true Renaissance Man…

    Yeah, right.

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