DC Area Drive-By Bomber on the Loose

DC Crime Siren Light

A suspect was not located after two explosive devices and a Molotov cocktail were detonated at three different locations in Washington DC on Sunday.

The Metropolitan Police Department is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of an apparent bomber on the loose in the nation’s capital.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is offering an additional $10,000 reward.

The suspect struck three times within fifteen minutes at businesses that were thankfully closed at the time.

An initial device when off on the sidewalk outside an ATM at Truist Bank. The blast was powerful enough to do damage at the location.

About six minutes later, the suspect detonated a second device outside a Nike Store. It was also powerful enough to cause damage to the location.

Less than ten minutes after that, the suspect threw a Molotov cocktail inspired object at a Safeway store, also causing damage to the location.

Fortunately, each location was closed at the time and there were no reported injuries.

It does not seem the suspect was targeting members of the public or looting his targets.

Their motive is currently not known.

In each case, the suspect fled the scene in a gold vehicle with a Maryland license plate.

DC Crime Rate Soars

The incidents come as DC struggles to contain a surge in violent crime.

They also come after Metropolitan Police Department’s interim police chief Ashan Benedict pledged a “very, very robust” police presence over the holiday weekend to ensure the safety of DC residents and visitors.

Additionally, the mayor’s office is organizing groups of “civilian violence interrupters” called “Safety Go” teams that will be deployed in 28 “hot spot neighborhoods” during festivities.

Each team will consist of 8-10 volunteers who will help “deescalate any conflicts or negative activities” before police presence is needed.

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