Senator Thom Tillis Censured for Crossing the Aisle

North Carolina Republican delegates voted to censure US Senator Thom Tillis for what they describe as straying from conservative values on key platform issues.

During the state party’s annual convention, delegates accused Tillis of violating the party platform on issues such as immigration, gun control, and LGBT rights.

Tillis is known for his willingness to work across the aisle and compromise with Democrats, notably working on the Respect for Marriage Act last year, which offered federal protections to same-sex and interracial marriages.

At the time, he called the legislation “a good compromise that provides permanent certainty for same-sex couples while ensuring robust protections for churches and religious organizations.”

He also approved funding for red flag laws, which allows the state courts to remove firearms from people deemed a threat to themselves or others, and opposed former President Trump’s plan to use military funds to build a border wall.

“We need people who are unwavering in their support for conservative ideals,” delegate Jim Forster told the Associated Press. “His recent actions don’t reflect the party’s shift to the right – in fact, they’re moving in the exact wrong direction.”

However, not everyone agreed with the move.

“I believe that a mob mentality doesn’t do us any good,” North Carolina State Senator Bobby Hanig said. “Senator Tillis does a lot for North Carolina, he does a lot for the coastal communities, so why would I want to make him mad?”

Daniel Keylin, a spokesperson for Tillis, gave a statement in response to the censure vote on behalf of the senator.

“He will never apologize for his work passing the largest tax cut in history, introducing legislation to secure the border and end sanctuary cities, delivering desperately-needed funding to strengthen school safety, and protecting the rights of churches to worship freely based on their belief in traditional marriage,” Keylin said.

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